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Fried quinoa is a nice alternative to rice if you are trying to add a veriety of grains into your diet. Qunioa is a complete protein and a great source of fiber.

Fried Quinoa

  • Terms and Conditions

    • In the “Special Instructions” section, please list any ingredients you do not want in your product. For example, if you do not like mushrooms, write “no mushrooms”. Also, include if you’d like extra of an ingredient. For example, write “extra mushrooms”. Include any other reasonable request.

    • All sales are final. There are no refunds unless an error was made by our staff.

    • Allow 72 hours for processing and delivery.

    • The delivery fee is a flat rate of $10.

    • Order as many meals as you would like. However, only one week’s worth of meals (15) will be delivered at a time to maintain freshness. Consider the Blyssful Subscription Service for recurring large orders.

    • All meals last up to 5 days.

    • Avocados are not included. They don’t maintain freshness once cut open.

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